Wrecker Service

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Nobody likes to think about it but sometimes after an incident of some kind one or more of the vehicles can’t be moved under its own power, or shouldn’t be moved under its own power.  Even without starting the engine moving a vehicle may cause further damage if you haven’t had the opportunity to check it structurally.  At that point the vehicle can’t be towed away normally by simply lifting the front wheels and pulling it.  Instead it’s just become one or more tons of metal that need careful manipulating to extract it from the situation, then plenty of machine muscle to haul it away. Melbourne Towing Partners has the equipment and the expertise to do that for you.
Avoiding Further Damage
The word ‘wrecker’ suggests the vehicle is a wreck but often a wrecker service is called on precisely because nobody knows just what damage has been done and wisely nobody is taking any chances on the way it’s moved before having an expert examine it.  If a vehicle is immobile on the public highway then it will have to be moved and soon. If it’s your vehicle then you want it moved by Melbourne Towing Company because we pledge to move vehicles so carefullythere will be absolutely no further damage done.

Immobilized Vehicles
Cars can be immobilized without being involved in a crash.  There are mechanical issues that can stop a car’s wheels from turning and there are also the security problems that come from lost keys and vehicle immobilizers.  Certain brands of auto manufacturer won’t issue a duplicate key unless the vehicle itself is physically on the dealership fore court so while you can replace the key and turn off the immobilizer you will first have to get it there.  Melbourne Towing Partners can do that for you.

Abandoned Vehicles
If you find an auto abandoned on your property you have the right to move it but that’s just the start of the process.  It’s very common to find that not only do you not have the key, but there’s no way that motor will start, and even if it did a simple bit of math shows that not all the wheels are there.  Annoying, yes, but not a disaster.   One call to Melbourne Towing Partners and our wrecker service with get rid of that problem for you.
Wrecking Yard Service
Although most wrecker service work doesn’t actually involve wrecking a vehicle, but instead recovering a vehicle that can’t or shouldn’t be driven or even rolled without further care it is true that some wrecking work means taking a vehicle to the wreckers.  If you want to dispose of a car to a junk or auto wrecking yard then you need a licensed, reliable wrecker company to take it there for you.  Melbourne Towing Partners is that team, so call us today and find out what it would cost to have that unwanted vehicle hulk taken out of your sight and exchanged for cash.

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