Tow Service

flatbed car transport

Melbourne Towing Partners is a tow service with the emphasis on ‘service’.  We aren’t vultures with hooks hanging off our trucks – instead we’re a real service to our customers ensuring that your valuable vehicles get their wheels back on the road, with the minimum possible damage and the greatest possible care.  We don’t just care for cars either – we’re there for you, your family, and your employees to ensure that they aren’t left stranded and helpless by the roadside.  Above all we’re there to make sure that every journey ends up in a good place – even if that place is back home earlier than you expected because the journey had to be scratched.
Get you Home
As a tow service we do both the standard ‘dolly’ tow where we lift two wheels off the ground and tow the vehicle rolling behind and we have specialized flat bed trowing trucks that transport vehicles on their own private magic carpet to wherever you want them to be. We can even recover heavy duty vehicles.  All of which means that whatever the problem, and whatever you’re driving, Melbourne Towing Partners can get you and your vehicle back home.   Which is good to know.
Winch Out
It’s easier than you think to leave the road or simply lose traction under your drive wheels.  You don’t have to go hauling into the back woods to end up with spinning tires going nowhere fast. It’s not a reflection on you or your driving; most of the people we pull back onto the road were simply doing the right thing and taking action to avoid other drivers or wildlife.  It’s not a problem, it just needs a towing professional with the right equipment and the know how to take into account gradients, surface material, angles of pull, and required horsepower.  Our experts know all of that and will calculate the simplest, least risky way to tow you back safely onto the asphalt and your way home.

Recovery of Immobile Vehicles
There are a number of ways a vehicle can be immobilized and a full on car crash is one of the less likely.   We operate a full wrecker service so even if your car or heavy duty work vehicle has ended up a couple of working wheels short of the full complement  we can still get it back to safety for you.  But we can also pick up cars where today’s electronic locks have locked the driver out, or locked down the immobilizer system, and because we do it with a flat bed truck not a rolling tow we can bring immobilized vehicles back home safely without running the risk of rolling damage.
Flatbed Transport of Valuable Vehicles
Things don’t have to have gone wrong for you to benefit from the professional tow services of Melbourne Towing Partners.  Often the reason you want a vehicle moved is not because it’s damaged but simply because you want it someplace else and you don’t want to risk damage en route.  So for your classic cars, or even light plant (forklifts and loaders for example) let the Melbourne Towing Partners take the load.  

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