Roadside Assistance

calling for assistance

Nobody wants to roll to a stop by the roadside but sometimes it happens.  When it does you want to be sure that you’re not on your own out there – that somebody you can trust is on their way to help you out.  That somebody is the Melbourne Towing Partners – your local tow truck and roadside assistance specialists.
Flat Tires
Sure you can change your own tire.  You know where it is right?  And if it’s one of those tires clamped to the underside of your auto then you know how to unlock it and drop it?  And you remember how the jack works? And where’s that lug wrench? And, and…. Or you can call us and have us change that tire for you.  Check your auto insurance but if you get a puncture or flat on normal road usage you will probably be covered to have roadside assistance come and change it for you.  So why would you even get out of the car, let alone get your hands dirty?  Melbourne Towing Partners operatives have changed more car tires than you can count so let them get on with getting you back on the road. Just make sure you’ve got our number on your cell.
Out of Gas
Nobody ever wants to get out of the auto and start the long lonely walk to get a can of gas.  Even less so if you run out of gas at night, or in a neighborhood you don’t know and don’t much like the look of.  But sometimes the long lonely walk isn’t even an option – like when you’ve got young kids in the back for example.  Sure, you can start calling your family and friends for help, but isn’t it better to call the professionals and know that help is on its way right now?  Melbourne Towing Partners always has the gas you need – and we know just what kind of gas your vehicle takes too.
Minor Mechanicals
With the complexity of modern autos it’s hardly surprising when things go a bit wrong.  The problem is that it’s hard to tell if what’s malfunctioned can be corrected with a small adjustment or whether you’re looking at weeks in the shop before that car can get back on the road. The professionals at Melbourne Towing Partners have a pretty good idea and if there’s a nasty noise or an alarming light on the dash then we’ll be able to tell you just what it is.  If the answer is a simple fix – like liquid levels, or a new fan belt, then our team will spot it and fix it on the spot.  No problems and you get to be on your way without the worries.
Get You Home
There are two big things to bear in mind when you save Melbourne Towing Partners number to your cell.  The first is that roadside assistance means you never have to be on your own – help is on its way and that is pretty reassuring whoever you are.  The second is that if the problem can’t be fixed then both you and your vehicle are going to make it home safely anyway because we’re a towing company.

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