Parking Enforcement

towing parking violators

If you’re a property owner, or you have a business with a parking lot, or a condo with parking spaces, then sooner or later you’re going to come up with parking problems. They could be repeat offenders who don’t take your private parking space seriously and treat it as their own. They could be people who simply don’t realize that your customers come first.  They could be unaware that this is private parking (we deal with that too). Or they could simply have abandoned a vehicle on your property.  No matter what the reason, you end up with the immediate problem which is how to get rid of that unwanted auto.  No problem. Because Melbourne Towing Partners is here to make your problems go away.  So give us a call now.

Legal Issues
Florida state statute 715.07 (Vehicles or vessels parked on private property; towing) makes it clear that if someone parks on your private property you can have them towed.  Note that it says you can ‘have them towed’, not that you can touch their vehicle.  It’s part of Florida state law that in order to avoid arguments and minimize damage the person or organization doing the towing itself must be “removed by a person regularly engaged in the business of towing vehicles”.  In other words if it’s parked without permission you can have it towed but you do need to call in the pros to do it.  And here we are. Melbourne Towing Partners.

The law is rarely a simple thing, however, and one of the key issues that it can be argued that someone thought a parking lot was public.  If you want to be 100 per cent sure that you can tow away offenders without having to pay out for lawyers afterwards then you need to have the proper signage and yes, there are rules about how big the signs have to be, how visible, and how far apart.  Melbourne Towing Partners will do that for you and make it clear that not only do you have signs spelling out the no parking zones but you have a tow truck company ready to enforce it.  Let’s see how much unwanted parking you get after that.

Tow Away
We’re not some ‘truck with a hook’ outfit.  Melbourne Towing Partners operates flat beds to ensure that a towed car’s wheels literally don’t even touch the ground.  We offer a full wrecker service so even if the vehicle literally isn’t in a condition to be towed normally (often the case with abandoned cars) then we can still take it away.  We even do heavy duty so if someone parked something really big without permission then they just picked on someone their own size so the job will get done anyway.

Aside from being a licensed tow company it’s also noted that we’re trusted by motor clubs and classic enthusiasts to tow precious vehicles so calling us in to remove unwanted parking demonstrates the kind of duty of care that goes a long way to making liability lawyers go someplace else.

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