Heavy Duty Towing

heavy duty vehicles

The issue with heavy duty towing is not so much the size and the horsepower of the equipment needed – don’t worry, we got that covered – but the fact that a heavy duty vehicle means someone’s livelihood here and if we can’t get that machine back in service soon then a business could well be in trouble.  We understand that at Melbourne Towing Company and your rig and your business are in safe hands with us.
18 Wheelers
Once you get to truck and trailer set ups and multiple axes you naturally multiply the problems involved in vehicle recovery.  Which is why you need to be sure you’re dealing with professionals when it’s time to get things firmly back on the black top and on their way.  The commonest issue with truck and trailer rigs is of course the jack knife but we are experts at getting jack knifed vehicles straightened out, with minimal impact on anything else (vehicles, road barriers etc.) that may have been involved in the incident.  Got a jack knifed rig? Call Melbourne Towing Partners.
Dumpsters, Concrete Mixers
The real heavyweights call for real horsepower and our heavy duty recovery vehicles have just what you need no matter how heavy your fleet.  But it’s not just about grunt.  Getting working vehicles back on their wheels and back to work is also about experience and skills and you’ll find that nobody has more of that than the Melbourne Towing Company. You can trust us to get those bad boys back on the highway, no matter what point they tip the scales.
Buses and Ambulances
Buses and ambulances perform key civil services and your fleet has to be operating without a hitch no matter what because people and patients are counting on you.  So make sure that you in turn are counting on the recovery service that can get your personnel transporters back in service in the fastest possible turnaround time and with the greatest care.  For all their size buses and ambulances are typically quite delicate due to the bodywork and window area so you need a towing company with the experience and care to recover vehicles without putting a single scratch on them beyond what they already had from the incident.  That’s Melbourne Towing Partners for you.

Recreational Vehicles 
You don’t have to be in business to find yourself in the company of the big guys.  Some recreational vehicles are easily the size of a bus and we don’t have to tell you that it’s your vacation, your temporary home, and your family that are hanging in the balance if your recreational vehicle ends up stuck by the side of the road.  So don’t go hoping that any pick up with a hook on the back is going to sort you (and your vacation) out.  Instead call the professionals at Melbourne Towing Partners.  If we can get an 18 wheeler back on the road, we can get your recreational vehicle wheel’s spinning too.

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