Flat Bed Service

flat bed vehicle

Not all autos are created equal. Some need special care, and flat bed towing is the answer. Think of a tow truck and you’re probably picturing a pick up with a hook dangling off the back. The hook doesn’t hook onto the bumper like it does in kids’ cartoons but instead holds a ‘dolly’ which is a trolley for the front two wheels of the car being towed.  The dolly lifts the wheels off the road, and the car is towed.  You see it all the time.  But if the vehicle to be towed is larger or longer than usual that dolly tow puts a lot of strain on the chassis.  So when some extra care is needed Melbourne Towing Partners uses flat bed tow trucks.
Speed and Safety
With a flat bed the vehicle to be towed doesn’t touch the road at all.  The flat bed truck is equipped with a winch so it can be gently pulled up onto the bed at which point it is secured and we are ready to go.  If the auto is in a condition to be driven it can simply be driven onto the flatbed and secured.  That means less manhandling and no risk of damage to the transmission of the towed vehicle from the towing process.  Because the towed vehicle isn’t rolling along on the road behind the truck it also makes it much faster and safer for the tow driver to get to the target destination.  Which means everybody wins.
SUVs and Big Cars
The larger the vehicle the greater the stress forces at work if you lift the front wheels and suspend them behind a tow truck.  If the vehicle has a longer chassis than normal the lifting of the front wheels also puts stress on that and can put extra load on the drive train.  All of which adds up to pressure on your vehicle that might be fine for a round the corner get you home trip, but which is best avoided if the tow is going to be over any real distance.  Again, the flat bed tow truck simply takes away all those concerns by keeping the towed vehicle safely off the road and completely immobile. 

Classic and Precious Cars
Sometimes you aren’t towing a vehicle so much as relocating it.  If you have a classic auto that you want moved to a new garage then a flat bed is the most caring way of doing it.  Perhaps it hasn’t been running for a while and you are taking it to the shop to be lovingly serviced before starting it. Not much point driving it or putting stress on the axles and chassis before it’s been looked over.  Melbourne Towing Partners can take care of your baby on our feather bed flat bed service.
Motorbikes can’t be towed like cars, but they can be loaded up on a flat bed to sail serenely to their next destination.  Melbourne Towing Partners care for motorbikes like they were our own and will ensure that not only are your bikes strapped down for safety but even the straps are appropriately padded so as not to damage that paintwork.

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