​About Our Company

roadside assistance

Melbourne Towing Partners are the foremost towing professionals in Brevard County and proud to say that we are a service company that puts our customers first.  We’re not vultures looking to make a quick buck from stuck autos, we’re a full service recovery team whose job is to keep your auto or fleet of work vehicles on the road where they belong.  If we can’t keep that motor running and those wheels turning then as a next best we are there to ensure the safe return of vehicles and their owners to garage and home respectively. All of which we pledge to do with the minimum of fuss and drama and without adding so much as a scratch to the damage already caused by incidents on the road.  We know just what we’re doing and our professional experience extends from the family jalopy to the heavy duty workhorses of Melbourne. We are friendly, local, and affordable, so if you’re living or driving in or around Melbourne Florida you’d be wise to make a note of our number right now and save it to your cell. We hope you don’t have to use it – for your sake – but if you ever do have to call out to a towing service you’ll want it to be one that knows what it’s doing, that cares for its customers, and that sees its role as recovery and roadside assistance and not profiting from misfortune.  That’s Melbourne Towing Partners, trusted partners for your happy motoring.

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