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Melbourne Towing Company

Company Logo​You probably never thought you’d be happy to hear from a towing company but our service isn’t just about the day the wheels come off – at Melbourne Towing Partners we’re in the business of keeping you running, and of picking you up and dusting you off if things don’t quite go to plan. We’re your friendly, local full service towing professionals with the emphasis on service and on keeping you, your family, and your business en route for the future.

About Us
Melbourne Towing Partners is the premier towing services company in Melbourne Florida.  We’re local, experienced professionals with years of successful recovery of just about everything that runs on the highway and a fair few things that weren’t otherwise going anywhere.  We are equally at home hand loading a priceless classic Ferrari onto a flat bed for transportation to and from a museum as we are hauling a jack knifed 18 wheeler back into shape, back onto the black top, and back into business. There’s not much we haven’t put right on the roads of Melbourne which is why we’re so sure we can sort you out should you ever need a bit of help.

Melbourne Towing Company

Our Services

​Melbourne Towing Partners is a full service towing company capable of recovering just about anything from classics to dumpsters.  We provide roadside assistance to you and your family so you’re never alone out there, we keep business fleets in business and on the road, and we are the guys who come and pick up the pieces when things don’t go to plan.  The following are a selection of our most called-on services but there are plenty more things we can do to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any particular needs you may have. 

Tow Service

Melbourne Towing Partners provides towing services for pretty much any size and type of vehicle you might want moved.  We do winch outs for those times you get a little off the track and your wheels no longer grip, even if the vehicle that went of the road happens to be heavy duty.  We dust you off and pick up the pieces after a fender bender, or simply move your vehicles and light plant from one site to another. 

calling for assistance

Roadside Assistance

More than a simple towing company the Melbourne Towing Company is also your trusted friend for when things go slightly wrong and you find yourself by the curb thinking ‘now what?’.  The answer to that question is our roadside assistance service which means that within minutes from calling it in you can be expecting our friendly professionals to pull up next to you and fix that flat, fill that empty gas tank, sort those minor mechanical or electrical problems and get you on your way again.  And if there’s something that needs more time or more specialist care then at least you can be sure that neither you nor your vehicle are going to stay stuck by the roadside.

“We have a couple of Bobcats that we occasionally move around sites.  Not often enough to have our own flatbeds for the job and a bit too far to drive the Bobcats on the roads.  We’ve found that Melbourne Towing Partners is the perfect solution for when we need those flatbed jobs on short notice.” – John L.

damage car

Wrecker Service

When automobiles are no longer mobile you need a wrecker service to recover the vehicle. That could be due to damage to drive train, axles, or wheels or it could simply be that you don’t want the vehicle’s wheels rolling on the road again until it’s been properly checked out by the mechanics. Whatever the reason we can collect even heavy duty vehicles that are no longer mobile and make sure we get them safely back to base. Or if you have a junk car you want to get rid of then we can literally make your problem go away.

flatbed service

While we can do traditional towing by lifting two wheels off the ground and rolling the vehicle away there are plenty of cases where that isn’t the best way to go about things. The best way of taking care of a vehicle is to take it off the road altogether by driving it or power winching it onto a flat bed and transporting it that way.  Flat beds can transport fork lifts to the next job or priceless Ferraris to their next appointment without damaging either.  They can safely transport immobilized vehicles back to the dealership or impounded vehicles to the pound. 

“Melbourne Towing Partners  sorted out our fender bender and took care to bring our Mercedes back to the dealer on a flatbed to avoid any risk of damage.  Insurance sorted the situation and the dealership told us that the flatbed had probably avoided further damage to the rear axle. Very happy with their approach and their service. ”- Paul J.

heavy duty vehicles

Heavy Duty Towing

When big rigs have problems they need horsepower and horse sense to get them back on the road and fortunately Melbourne Towing Partners has both. We can recover heavy duty vehicles and get them back to work as soon as possible.

parking enforcement

Does your drive, business, or condo suffer from parking pests who abuse your private parking?  Melbourne Towing Partners can provide the signage that makes it clear the parking is private and that you have a contract with a towing company that will haul away any offenders. Legally.

“We had a problem with the customers from a nearby bar using the parking intended for our residents and some nights it went from an inconvenience to a threat.  The police pointed out that the parking issue was on private property, fortunately Melbourne Towing Partners came up with the solution in the form of clear, legal signage and once they started towing away autos on a Saturday night the problem stopped.” – Laurie J.

Get In Touch

Because Melbourne Towing Partners does so much more than towing it’s not simply a question of saving our number to your cell in case things go wrong.  We do simple call outs for just about any job but we also offer contracts for parking enforcement, for roadside assistance, and for commercial fleets. So give us a call and talk about how towing services can help keep your auto on the road and your business on track.  Or fill out the email form on this site and send your questions to us right now.